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5 Practises That Changed My Life and Business

5 Practises That Changed My Life and Business from The House of Muses. Feeling stressed or saddled with an uninspiring routine? Here are just a few of the practises which have help me strive for joy and success without the stress.

SENSE EMOTIONS - The idea of sensing emotions in connection with the body is one understood by Eastern traditions for a long time and is gaining further medical and scientific acceptance in the West. This particular exercise pulls from both traditions.

Alternatives to classroom teaching: 15 other rewarding jobs in education

Being a teacher in the classroom is not the only way you can help to educate children. Here are some of the other things you can do as an educator.

"Children and pets", these words are often found on pesticide labels, but what about older adults? Our population is aging, and many of us have older family members living with us or in care facilities. Are there pesticide exposure issues for the elderly that we should be aware of? Always exercise great care if using pesticides in areas frequented by older adults. If you have a family member living in care facility ask about the pest control practises used there. Do they use a professional…

Florence Nightingale - When Florence Nightingale went to the Crimea to serve in hospitals, nurses were given little respect or priority. However, she helped to change attitudes to the nursing profession and implement new practises which helped to improve mortality survival rates.

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