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What appears to be bombs are removed during the cleanup following the explosion of the SS Malakand. By the end of the 1941 Blitz, 69 out of 144 cargo berths were closed. Had the May bombing continued for just a few more nights, the docks could have been totally disabled.

The western end of the Boreal Trail starts at Cold Lake - and yes that's ice on the lake over the May long weekend

Illustration Daily Day 153: May Day. Still playing catch-up. I expect to be back on track by the end of the weekend. So finally Im getting the Mays theme: Events. And to start the month we haveMay Dayand a May Queen. The day is both a day of day of celebration (yay summer!) and protest (yay workers rights!). However the holiday May Day and the distress signal mayday have nothing to do with one another. The later is actually rooted in the French venez maider or come help me'. #illustration…

Finale: Fireworks explode above the May Day Stadium in Pyongyang to celebrate the end of another Arirang show

Skeeter Davis on later copy of her single, “The End of the World” with “Blueberry Hill” on the B-side.

#MattBellamy #guitar #Manson Black VI This guitar made it's first appearence at May 22nd, 2013 Coventry gig (Stockholm Syndrome). It was the successor of the Manson Matt Black V. It was thrown around several times at the end of Uprising at the May 25th Emirates gig where it did not appear to be damaged and then was thrown again at the end of Stockholm Syndrome at the May 26th, Emirates gig where the body split in half and the guitar was destroyed.

Large Siberian crater viewed looking straight down likely caused by a methane explosion. [Really, really bad news for humanity's future.]

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