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What Happens to the Brain During Spiritual Experiences?

17 Great Podcasts For The Spiritually Curious

If you've always wanted to explore the world's great faith traditions, this is a list of great podcasts on spirituality and religions. From Pagans to Mormons, there's a podcast here for everyone, no matter where you are in your faith journey!

World Religions: The Golden Rule Across Cultures

The Golden Rule - As seen from Christianity, Unitarianism, Native Spirituality, Zoroastrianism, Jainism, Judaism, Islam, Baha'i Faith, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism & Sikhism. It's a global rule, folks.

Spiritual Enlightenment~. Enlightenment caused revolutions because people started thinking and didn't want to be in a government. Source: