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Strickland-Ferris Residence / Frank Harmon Architect

Interior from Strickland-Ferris Residence. Architects: Frank Harmon Architect PA. Location: Raleigh, NC, USA

Sky nymphs: Chione was the daughter of Boreas, the North Wind who brings winter, and Orithyia, a poor princess who was abducted. She had a son with Poseidon who she tried to protect casting him into the sea Nephele was created by Zeus to trick Ixion Also, in other tale Nephele is married to a man, Athamas, who divorces her for Ino. Nephele had a boy and a girl, Phrixus and Helle, whom Ino hated. She tries to get rid of them but Nephele sent a golden ram in their rescue.

Hasta el corazón mas enamorado se cansa de ser lastimado, Hasta el corazón mas noble se cansa de ser despreciado, Mucho más mi corazón que lo histe polvo.

San Francisco-based collage artist Travis Bedel aka Bedelgeuse creates astounding anatomical collages that splice together bones, tendons, and organs with flora and fauna. His collage work, mostly …

Histology and Art——An expression of life | SM2702 Interdisciplinary Practices in Art, Secience and the Humanities

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