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It has come to this has it? The green mist has showed up, and while we have never REALLY come up with a definitive answer as to what is is, I am really done with the ad hockery that the war between Humans/zombies and evil elk has produced. So The green mist is about to drop a bomb on this whole mess and we can be free of evil elk and evil elk zombies (and actually zombies too, we just haven't told them that yet) once and for all! Here is a solution? #auroraborealis #northernlights

This would look absolutely sick IF: 1The guns were replaced to a pair of twin tip freestyle skis. 2 The dead Elks face is replaced to a living Elks Face. 3. The Antlers were a little bit bigger and more extreme 4. Thw Words Evil Elk were written between the Antlers nice and big. 5. There were afew more stars, swirls,snowflakes, paint splats in the background. 6 There was no ribbon at the bottom


Ok bad news, turns out evil elk zombies are REALLY aggressive! Like I watch an evil elk zombie just completely impale an evil elk, and whats more the evil elk zombie had numerous regular zombies and regular humans already hanging off its antlers! So that being said this war has turned tragically in favour of the evil elk zombies... The regular evil elks are all but gone (which could be seen as a win. but not really). Maybe we will need to move to space. Here is a new home? #stars #milkyway


Ideas I like 1 Logo Influence Idea, 2 Logo Influence Idea 3 Font Idea 4 Evil Elk written between antlers 5 Intimidating Elk face

Well the Zombies and humans have made peace, unfortunately there is a whole new enemy afoot. Remember that Angry elk? Well he teamed up with the evil elk (Ya so if you don't keep up with these posts you are gonna get lost in a hurry, just know there are evil elk) and they are now forming the battle lines. Turns out that spray painting them was an act of aggression... Who knew?? Here is a-nother day.

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New trendy GIF/ Giphy. starz ash vs evil dead jacksonville elk grove. Let like/ repin/ follow @cutephonecases