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Luxitune Gold Bow Fine Tuner

From the Luxitune Special Edition series, this beautiful stylish fine tuner features an elegantly tied golden metal mesh bow with genuine Swarovski white crystals in the center; original Hill-style E

Luxitune Pearl Gold Pavé Ball Fine Tuner

From the Luxitune Specialty Series, the Pearl Design Pavé ball brings elegance and luster to your tailpiece. 14 K Gold plated base on Wittner Hill-style tuner, for loop end strings Manhattan jewelry d

Love Spelled In Music Notes Vinyl Wall Decal

Wall decor for music classroom, theater, recording studio, gallery wall, or even wedding reception decor. GENERAL INFORMATION * High Quality Vinyl

Music is very influential on the brain. Be careful with what type of music you listen to it.

Tips for practicing SIGHT READING reading secrets from one minute music lesson... "Practice smart, not hard." (music)

Great Creative Advertisments

Design: This would be a cool design idea to relate academics with music students.

Improve Your Violin & Viola Technique: The Complete Edition

Use this informative text and video guide to learn how to master the mechanics of vibrato by addressing the most common physical and mechanical issues and learn

Music Theory Lesson: Learn How to Transpose Music

Transposition is simply the process of changing the key of a piece of music. Follow this easy guide to learn how to transpose your own music by hand.