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Here's the stripe outline and now I'm onto coloring and the black outlining I guess. Pretty nervous about how this is going to turn out the stripes are pretty crappy and I don't have the exact colors for the pelt and markings. ©A Opela.

She'll do anything! Really! Although don't mention any blood, it ain't pretty. Drawn by me, @pusheen_the_cat

I'm going to do it! Which ones should I do? XD

I draw warrior cats, cats in general, Pokémon, Mario characters, inklings and I can copy most drawings. I have been trying to do people, although they will probably turn out terrible. Although no dragons. If you like wings of fire, @bethanytorio is your person!

Hey guys I know for the post this but I'm still going to say it again for the people who have not seen it or Heard of it. I am drawing a big picture of peeps OCs who want to be in it. Send me a picture of it and the name and I'll add it in right away. There is a deadline on May 25th I'll post the picture! I don't want anyone who wanted to be in it to be late so I'm making a yearly thing if you don't get in if you don't do it this year you can always do it next year! Thanks!