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I really believe she is one of the most beautiful girls in the entire world ❤. Her eyes sparkle with magic and kindness. Taylor is the kind of girl that you read about in special quotes. She is a living sunflower and she's got a smile that could light up this whole town ❤-J. Swan

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Your Breath Is Your Conversation With The World (Sakara Life - News)

Smokers choice ~ You never know what's going to take your life so, Enjoy today don't think about tomorrow. It may never be smoking related... Hell today could be the day you get hit by a bus! RIP if you do but I never would wish it on you. Just saying!!

I'm not on team light or dark. I'm on team #We'reAllBlack and beautiful. Let's recognize that we all have personal struggle under our umbrella of blackness but unite and support one another. I'm tired of slave mentality.


13 Awesome Podcasts for Black Women

Black Girls Talking is a pop culture podcast wherein 4 Black women discuss beauty, life and representations of people of color in various forms of media.

Through her is proclaimed, but it can not save her. For this world we live in, beauty only last so long, and the depths of who we are the things we stand on. As women in this world, we must fight for one another. Save us from the trap that beauty is all that we are. But it is not. Our hearts are the TRUTH!

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The Price of Blackness

The Price of Blackness - Lanre Akinsiku "When An Officer Asks For Your License And Registration, I Bet You've Never Thought To Do What He Did"