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As I read, learn and live I see the ever increasing number of peoples which claim to be “awake”. These people with their research, documents, web links; all “evidence” that they must be “awake”.

Scott Barbour on

To the liberal, "freedom" means freedom from want. To the Conservative, it's the freedom to succeed. Liberals offer a handout to control you. Conservatives offer a hand up to free you. Conservatives

All well-informed conservatives should be familiar with the following: Federal Reserve, Council on Foreign Relations, New World Order, the UN's Agenda 21 plan, Cloward-Piven, Bohemian Grove, Bilderbergers, TriLateral Commisstion, International Monetary Fund, BRICS, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, Skull and Bones, Numbers USA, Freemasons, Saul Alinsky, George Seros and Illuminati. The more people are aware of these the less power they have. DEMAND TRANSPARENCY.

Truth be told... And it's because of previous republican administration's regressive policies. Vote Blue come November...