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The Fountains at Greenbriar dining room is a place for residents to come and enjoy a meal!

Explore the top 10 feng shui crystals and see what your home or office might be missing! Info on how to use feng shui crystals, as well as where to buy them is also here for you.: Hematite

To attract big opportunities and abundance, hang a metal wind chime to the left of the front door (as you look straight at it) - the traditional way of attracting Feng Shui

How Is the Color White Used in Feng Shui?: In feng shui, white color is the expression of the Metal feng shui element. White color also adds the energy of purity, freshness and new beginnings to any space.

Patterns of the Elemental Cycle The Enhancing Cycle flows in a clockwise direction and the Weakening Cycle flows in an anticlockwise direction. The last cycle, represented by the star in the centre, can cause Chaos.

Feng Shui Corporate Benefits of Mind, Body, Spirit, Career #fengshuicorporate, www.fengshuibybridget.com

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