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''I will stay gentle, no matter what I endure. I am so much more.'' / T'Challa : Black Panther in Captain America : Civil War

I love this so much. Hermione and Harry's friendship is so important because it shows how strongly you can love a friend just as a friend. Her loyalty to him never really wavered in the books. And those moments in DH when it was just them two was amazing-even Harry recognized her "sacrifice" if you will to stay with him on their journey. I love when Harry points out his friends' loyalty and love for him. One of the MANY highlights of the books for me.

Edward Elric | FMA Wow this is really good


Whenever I go to a used bookstore…


Иллюстратор Mary Engelbreit Monday (90 работ)

“The gentle knock of their helmets is all they get sometimes. A whispered “stay safe” or “thank god.” rasped from the suit comms. “I love you.” said so softly it might be an illusion to anyone else listening in. Layers of ceramic and polymer and carbon acting like skin (and Kaidan swears he can feel Shepard through all of it) as he pulls the black helmet towards his. And they stay like that for just a moment - unmoving, breathing together. Stay Safe. Thank God. I love you. -~JoAsakura

Black Star and Tsubaki. ( Soul Eater )