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A childhood dream come true: Hey Arnold's bedroom has been duplicated in the real world.

Funny pictures about Hey Arnold’s Dream Bedroom. Oh, and cool pics about Hey Arnold’s Dream Bedroom. Also, Hey Arnold’s Dream Bedroom photos.

Hey Arnold! - Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight ---- It was a pretty dark show, but still better than Twilight

Lol between this, the Kanker Sisters, and Overly Attached Girlfriend, there are MANY cases of better love stories than Twilight.

dont know what they're missing by limey404.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Arnold and Helga Prom Night. Arnold and Helga from Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold facts. The last one makes me sad.): . this was my fav show growing up. (along with rugrats)

Wished they'd give it a send-off with The Jungle Movie a la Serenity (Firefly).

I remember this episode ahahaha

I remember this episode ahahaha! Grandpa Phil was so stinkin funny.

Hey Arnold!

haha its funny bc i remember this

Hey Arnold! Tee - Urban Outfitters

Hey Arnold, most people know him as football head for his football head appearance, as well as the kilt and tights that he wears. He is unique for his bright yellow hair and the little blue hat that separates his hair into two part.

Hey Arnold!

One of Grandpa's finest moments (Episode: Tour De Pond)


I laughed at this so hard! Did anyone else watch hey Arnold as a kid?

2013 "Hey Arnold!" & "Rugrats" ages. Sweet! I could marry Arnold! lol

Ages of my childhood cartoon characters!