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Sweet Autumn nail art that is super easy to do on your own at home. Non toxic, vegan and gluten free and it costs a fraction of the cost of a salon manicure but looks just as good! (Giza and Fancy Feline featuring here) Click the picture to shop.

we had a wild cat like this at work...I called him Hell cat, cause he looked like he had been through hell. I thought he had had his ears torn off in a fight. But these cats can cost $$$$.

Majority of the pooches would woof with keenness for water in any form like a lake, lagoon, and a sea or even in a kiddy swimming-pool, unlike to their feline counterparts. Nevertheless, more than a few canines not just be … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Painted cats: Some of the paint jobs cost $15,000 and had to be repeated every 3 months as the cat's hair grows out. Must be nice to have $60,000 a year just to keep your cat painted!!

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Fancy Feast Your Eyes on These 12 Classic Cat Commercials

From disco-dancing kitties to parkour pusses to cats that bark, we think you'll find something to make you smile in our selection of feline-themed advertisements.

Post about convincing your spouse that frugality is a better way of life. Site has lots of articles about thrift and early retirement. Does have bad words, so be forewarned.