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And Chris, Seb, and Anthony look like the kids who know they did something wrong and are just hanging their heads in shame

Tyler knows what we write in our houses of gold while we look for a car radio whilst being quite stressed out. I JUST DID THAT

I realize that we basically look like we did when we were younger except bigger faces like in size and some face changes but nothing crazy

"We are coming, Veronica Roth, we are coming with butter knifes." Sincerely the fandom.

uhhh. i could just totally imagin me walking home with my friends from the mall, and big white can come up slowley and pulls up by me and my friend. and Louie, and liam jumps out, opens the sliding back door, and points in to the van, and orders me in. my friends are like "Rose! dont! what did we teach you?" and i ignor them and just shrug and say "Okay?"

Wave by Russel Ord It looks like a water Dragon's head!

Ahhhh.. 1st through 4th grade.. the years of boring normality when there was no crazy girls walking down the hallways butchering a Selena Gomez song at the top of their lungs.

and I hope you will get it know, not one day...

Truth, why James looks like such a bad person in the Harry Potter movies