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Short baby names thrive in the current minimalistic environment. Less is more, these short names are an ode to simplicity and beauty!


Our favorite short middle names of 2016! My son's name is Leo Von!! It's on there, but way shorter my version.

Baby girl names. Everly May for Jessica. Expected in three short weeks! :) Visit my name board at for more name inspo.

21 of the best long baby names

Why pick a long baby name? Well, they're fabulously versatile, for starters. That little bundle may not look like he can carry off a four-syllable moniker, but one day he will! In the meantime, you can always shorten it to something cute. Long names make a bit of a statement too - your baby will have something to live up to! Another advantage of long names is they also pair brilliantly with short surnames. So, without further ado, here are 21 long and lovely baby names.

100 Amazing Short Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Are you hunting for a short & sweet name for your newborn? Check out our collection of the best 100 sweet and short girl names along with their meanings.

These short boy names all come in at just one syllable, but there's plenty of style and meaning here. If you prefer your boy names brief, this list is for you - the 45 most popular in the US as of May, 2016. From James to Colt, there's something for every namer.

200 One,Two,Three,Five Syllable Baby Boy Names

Are you searching for a short name for your baby boy? Check our list of one syllable boy names. We've also covered two, three and five syllable boy names.

Boy Name: Jack. Origin: Old English. Meaning: God is gracious.