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Really love what I got on @Etsy from CrystalMoonBoutique. #EtsyStar

from Ethan Lazzerini

How To Store Crystals & Healing Stones

What is the best way to store crystals? Learn how to organise and store your healing crystals and tumble stones when not in use. Protect fron sunlight, damage and dust!

from Rogue Wood Supply

8 super potent crystal pairings

When crystals come together, their energies change and heighten, creating some serious amplification and power. Here are 8 amazing combos to try at home | Rogue Wood Supply


Chakra Healing with Crystals

Balance, align and cleanse your chakras with crystals! Colored chakra crystals produce certain vibrations to help balance, align and cleanse your 7 chakras. #crystals #chakras #healing

from Energy Muse Jewelry

Yellow Jasper Stone

Yellow Jasper carries the energy of the sun. It constantly gives out positive vibrations, promoting happiness and positivity. It is a strong healing stone for anyone who feels stressed, anxious or depressed #jasper #healing #crystals