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MMXII, The End or the Beginning

Depression in order to beat this beast you must have support and love of friends and or family and be able to talk openly about it.

Depression Through The Eyes Of The Caregiver

As an outsider, depression is hard to comprehend. You watch as it rips away, at everything your loved one thought they were, everything you know them to be.

"Me and my best friend just got tattoos. We’ve both struggled with depression and self harm and this is our sign of recovery. What you see is a seratonin molecule. This is the chemical that a brain lacks when someone is depressed. Now we’re on our road to a permanent recovery. I’m proud of us. I absolutely love these"

100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (21)

my mother is still young and full of life, despite her age, and still looks young as well.. but this is still such a rarely realized aspect of reality...