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160,000 sign petitions for Crufts winner to be stripped of title

Stop cruelty to animals. Factory farming is painful to even think about;don't contribute to it by eating meat and dairy! Open your eyes and please go vegan.

For us to allow this it is wrong & most people agree that it is wrong - but we still can't even treat humans any better than this & a lot of the horrible treatment is in the name of religious ideologies.

33 Poderosos Anuncios Sobre Animales Que Cuentan Una Verdad Muy Incómoda

Estos anuncios abordan diferentes tipos de problemas, pero son todos acerca de dar una voz a los sin voz.

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70 percent of animal abusers had committed at least one other crime. Almost 40 percent had committed violent crimes against people.

Im against animal cruelty quotes animals quote awareness I am far from PETA but I hate people that abuse animals for fun or just becuase!!!

FINALLY! I have thought this for a loooong time! Think about it and amend your use of the term 'animal' when talking about cruel, evil acts perpetrated by PEOPLE.