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Terrorists Do Not Know Islam !! الإرهابيون لا يعرفون الإسلام - YouTube

"And almost no one would remember me the way I really am they would see me how society sees me a stupid idiot freak"

This explains everything that's been going on in my head recently. It's nice to know I'm obviously not the only person who felt/feels this way..

RC Church of Most Holy Trinity--St. Mary

"As we prayerfully expose ourselves to the Scriptures, we begin to understand what God's will is regarding our conduct and character." ~ Jerry Bridges

Your mistakes do not define you quotes quote hope inspirational inspirational quotes faith bible mistakes inspiration

teenager posts

It seems like a easy question right? But when someone actually asks you your minds goes blank happens to me all the time!

It's difficult liking someone. Cause sometimes, you don't know if they have feelings for you or not. They'd send you all of these mixed signals that'll eventually just confuse the heck out of you. You're sitting there just trying to figure them out for yourself. Then you have all these things you're urging to tell them, including how you really feel, but you don't know how to put them into words. I hate liking someone, cause once you're attached, it's as if your whole life revolves around…

How to Write a Book And Get it Published: A Beginner's Guide

"Oh, yeah, sure. let's escape from the special forces by kidnapping their secret lab experiment and hope he doesn't murder us! I" Beckett throws his hands in the air. "He's unconscious. We're safer for now," says Haylin, letting down Heath's limp body on the dusty coach. "And what is this that I hear that he can mind control people? How is that safe?" "First of all, that's just a rumor. Second of all, I said we were safer, not safe. Who knows how he will react once he wakes up."

What happened when my family first saw dan and phil. Also, after I said that they're not cannon my dad said "there's no way they're straight, I know what it looks like to be in love, and it's that."