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Not the color just placement of the purple streak and bangs- but holy cow. I was looking thru purple streak pics & saw this & had to give due props- this girl has some lady balls.

Dr. Martens Clemency Boot in pink patent leather

ℒᎧᏤᏋ this awesome look.especially the pops of neon pink hair & doc martins!

35 Beautifully Bold Hair Colors to Consider ...

35 Beautifully Bold Hair Colors to Consider ...

This is why people are disappointed when they color their hair pink. This is totally photoshopped. Her hair is actually blonde, you can see at the ends where they didn't do a great job filling in the color. < Don't care it's pretty!

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A magenta hair color allows you to show everyone how creative and bold you are. Amaze all your friends with your new vivid and cool style.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is/was a wig, but still... sooo pretty!! Hot pink, is literally the only shade of pink I'm okay with xP

My dad says I am allowed to dye my hair pink. I wanted to do pink because next month is breast cancer awareness month.

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Wow, sooo charming babe in Red Long Wavy wig. Thanks for our customer to show us her wig, she is very GORGEOUS and PERFECT. Girls, do you love it?