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Spectacular Aerial Landscapes of Vibrant Salt Ponds in San Francisco

French designer Yelken Octuri (he also makes Airbus cabins) decided to take us back in time with a bit of old school Wright Brothers influence on his latest concept yacht. And while most of the crazier designs on this list will never enter into the actual production phase, Octuri’s has already had some offers.

The SOAO Daily Ditty: Swell Maps - 'The Helicopter Spies'

Swell Maps. Experimental, post-punk gem from the I can't believe I've traveled this far in life without hearing them! This picture is the cover of the second and final album, Jane from Occupied Europe, released in

Niihou Island as Seen from Kauai Niihou is privately owned and known as the "Forbidden Isle." Although there are several tour boats that take snorkelers to the waters around Niihau, you are not allowed to go ashore. There are only a few homes on Niihau and the residents live a life closer to what Hawaii was like many years ago.

Best TV shows on Netflix: Our favorites

A mid-'00s classic comedy from Mitchell Hurwitz, "Arrested Development" was as funny, original and odd as anything most viewers had ever seen on a major TV network. Its influence remains wide and deep, and, in fact, the series has been born again on Netflix.

Gorgeous Aerial Photography by Tom Blachford

It's really nice to see life from other perspectives. One of the most fantastic and contemplative in my opinion is seeing things from above. People become ants and we get the feeling that we are all tiny beings in a big place.

The Surreal Grandeur of San Francisco’s Little-Known Salt Fields

The Surreal Grandeur of San Francisco’s Little-Known Salt Fields | Benton's homage to Rothko (Salt Pond E6B, September 2009). Cris Benton |

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