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Since my mother worked a lot my sister and I got to watch our fair share of tv shows. Because of this I feel like our gender is represented in some of what television has told us. We enjoyed our Disney channel, our sports channels, but a lot of criminal shows, Our ideals of beauty were the commercials we saw, the way female actresses were portrayed, etc.

stillsoftime: “Attention, Earth People” Here is another one of my favorite ads. It is fun and interesting. Presenting Panasonic’s Orbitel television. It’s small, it’s round, and it’s all so retro!  Meet Orbitel, my number is TR-005. I am straight from Space Age. My screen is 5 inches, small portable and detailed.  He is a fun little round guy. Now take me to your leader. Get Orbitel’s Advertisement Here

from Wonderlass

6 Reasons You Can Teach Something Even When People Can Find it Online for Free

Ever wonder why people would pay you to teach them information that they could probably find online for free? Here's 6 reasons why they WILL!

A completely different kind of Brutalism. This image is linked to my other more text-based blog Critic Under the Influence, which has taken a backseat in recent months. That said, you should definitely still check it out. ethel-baraona: “TV Helmet/Portable Living Room,” 1967 (Walter Pichler)