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Bronze statue of Demeter, goddess of the Harvest - Hellenistic period, circa 100-50 BC, at the İzmir Archaeology Museum, Turkey

Head of Julia Domna, AD 193-217Sculpture, StatueRoman, 2nd-3rd century AD Roman period, Middle Imperial, 98-235 AD Creation Place: Syria

5th C. Kushan Period (100 BCE-250 CE) Stucco head.with Hellenistic facial features and the Kushan topknot. Kushan iranic Central Asian tribes forced out of the Tarim Basin who moved into Bactria and northern India. Their culture became multi-lingual. Originally Zoroastrian they also embraced local beliefs including Shaivite Hinduism and Buddhism. By the 3rd C. they had split into semi-independent kingdoms. Hadda, Afghanistan Harvard Art Museums