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C is for Cachalot or Chocolate: at Humoring the Dark http://iread1966.wordpress.com
Why You Don't Own What You Create
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Annoying People -Aaahhh feel better already lol
I haven't written much about Latin in a while. Well, in a year. Anyhoo, that is beside the point. The point is: the third declension is a frustrating mess because it is basically the wastebasket of all declensions. I mean, yes, all these nouns are declined similarly, which tells us that they are, in fact, …
At the end of the day, we all felt more fab and a little bit less dumb about taking selfies. Here’s some of the stuff we learned. | A Model Taught Us How To Not Suck At Selfies And It Actually Worked
one of my favorite tweets ever.  Little Taylor Swift things.
Makes sense.  I think I agree with the fixed timeline.  But I also think you should be able to change anything that doesn't cause a paradox.  An important event in someone else's life for example, leaving a note for yourself that the task is required in the future.
Fact about Aquarius: An Aquarius has the desire to have long and meaningful... #aquarius, #aquariusfact, #zodiac. More info here: https://www.horozo.com/blog/an-aquarius-has-the-desire-to-have-long-and-meaningful/ Astrology dating site: https://www.horozo.com
write better and faster. -------- there should be a writing hotel where in each room there's a mini room with blue and green walls and a bright light ahead and no windows and the bathroom's next to you and there's a word doc only computer in from of you on a desk and a chair that feels so fluffy it's like it's not there.