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I share some pieces I got from in this little try on haul video. I was goingto order some skincare productsand ended up buyingthese cute tops.If you're gonna order clothing from the site bear in mind most items are one size and that size runs pretty small! Also you get stung with postage charges to Ireland. OhwellI dolove the cute classic shapes of these pieces. If you like this video give it a ! Other places to find me| Bloglovin'|Twitter|Instagram| YouTube| Snapchat…

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from Underwater University

Mauve Stinger

Mauve Stinger Jellyfish (pelagia noctiluca). a smallish jelly, 5-12 feet in diameter and very poisonous. Living at a depth of 100-200 feet in the Pacific Ocean, they eat small fish and moon jellyfish.

Whereas whenever I try to make this face, I look like a chimpanzee whose face got stung by bees


Get ready.

Instead, I think it should be "Oh, you think I'm cute when I'm angry? Well get ready because I'm about to go all kawaii on your ass."

Bee! Love the bees...they are not born to try to sting you! They have but one stinger...they do so much good..that outweighs any harm! My name means "Bee" Debbie or Debbra!

from Honestly WTF

DIY Bleach Tie Dye

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