Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas Relationship chart for As You Like It from the Chicago Shakespeare Theater's Teachers' Handbook for that play. It looks like the key is incorrect, so the boots mean "in the service of" and the heart means romantic interest.

This is an animated video of Sonnet 116 produced by Crescent Entertainment. The images produced in this video add a lot of drama to the sonnet. In class we talked about how the speech used in most of Shakespearean sonnets appeal to the senses, especially sight. I thought this take on Sonnet 116 provided interesting visuals for what the Poet was actually saying. This type of video could be an interesting idea for a possible Sonnet 2.0 project. - Jasmine Stevens

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How to Read Shakespeare

How to Read Shakespeare ~ Great pin! For Oahu architectural design visit

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Why and How to Study Shakespeare

Find out why should you study Shakespeare. Learn how to study Shakespeare. Book and website suggestions for a Shakespeare study.

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3 Free Illustrated Shakespeare Study Guides

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Shakespeare the Way It Was Meant to Be Spoken

Time Magazine - Shakespeare the Way It Was Meant to Be Spoken Performed using the "original pronunciation," the Bard's work takes on new depth and meaning.

Dust off your old Elizabethan English dictionary and you’ll see that “wood” – as in forest – meant “mad” back in Shakespeare’s day. Enter Shakespeare’s enchanted forests of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “As You Like It” and see all the comedy (or madness) that ensues.

A youtube channel with animated shakespeare plays: macbeth, the winter's tale, as you like it, the tempest, romeo & juliet, the taming of the shrew...

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Which Character From Shakespeare Are You?

Which Character From Shakespeare Are You? ** You got: Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing! Via You’re wise, you’re funny, you’re willing to risk everything, and at times you’re genuinely a character to be feared. The audience LOVES you!