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Monday Motivational Video

Motivation Monday: Get on your workout gear and start movin and groovin at home…in the kitchen! I haven’t been this excited to work out on Monday morning in some time. Last week, when I…

Photography Quote

"A photograph keeps a moment from running away. This is SO true. Everytime I'm upset photography helps me pull myself out of it (mostly God helps me though)

My favorite thing with my favorite girl. @marissaborchard

OMG, thats totally me. -Long talks with my best friend. I'm so happy she puts up with my long conversations., love you ;

Dear future husband, find God, find yourself, then come find me.

Someone posted a whisper in the group Dear Future Husband/Wife, which reads "Dear future husband, Find God. Find yourself Then come,Find me.


I'm so ready for leggings, boots, scarfs and oversized sweaters.

No seriously...who paid you?<<< nobodys ever told me im cute...lol

No seriously.who paid you was it that guy over there in the corner cause no one will ever go up to me and say oh you are cute


I will always be myself