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Lime in a Longneck

Crisp and refreshing, there's nothing quite like a fresh juicy slice of lime to top off an icy longneck. Our Lime in a Longneck is refreshing, too, but with subtle silver undertones, it's even perfect to wear places where they don't serve beer.

Fizzy Yellow Beer

All the self-professed quaffers snub their noses at fizzy yellow beer in favor of the heavier, and hoppier, counterparts. I contend, however, that when I'm knitting on my pool floatie, a fizzy, yellow, cold adult beverage is exactly right for the moment. Our Fizzy Yellow Beer is a soft muted yellow with some tonal depth - of which other quaffers will be jealous.


It's amazing how many of our yarns were inspired by the Belgian varieties of beers. Framboise is a fruit beer fermented with fresh raspberries, and it was light in color and crisp to sour in taste. We apparently put a LOT more raspberries in our recipe, because ours is deep and saturated, and sweet as can be.

Graphite Gueuze

The Belgians fermented gueuze-style beers twice - apparently for double the fun! We're all about doubling fun around here, so we made Graphite Gueuze in a medium-charcoalish grey with kettle-dyed highlights. An excellent Man Color, or contrast/background color for your awesome colorwork projects.

Berry Kreik

Traditionally, the Belgians produced Kreik Lambic beers using sour cherries to add flavor. We really don't like to pucker up while we knit, so in our recipe, we've replaced the cherry with a variety of berries to give a sweet, drinkable variation of colors in the pink to raspberry range.

Premier Home® Cotton Solids and Multis Yarn - Small

Dad's Barstool Blue

My father had bright blue eyes, which I have inherited, and which are the color of this yarn. The story could end there, but given the theme of this line of yarn, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that he was also a home brewer, and beer judge at the Nebraska State Fair, and had a regular spot at the bar at his local watering hole, Dad's Tavern. This one's for you, Dad!

Irresistible Irish Ale

We could hardly have a beer-themed line of yarns without paying homage to St. Patrick's Day. Deep and rich, this smoky dark green is our Patron Saint of Yarnies Everywhere, and not just in March.

Sagey Mead

Our ancient brewing ancestors were so clever, they figured out how to get the party started in 2000 BC by fermenting herbal honey solutions. Sage was their choice of flavoring, and it's our choice of coloring in Sagey Mead. Springlike without being too bright, this color will have you toasting those who paved our way.

Oyster Stout

Oysters have had a long association with stout, with roots in New Zealand. When stouts were emerging in the 18th century, oysters were a commonplace food often served in public houses and taverns. We're just glad that the two go together so well because it makes an awesome name for this light silvery-grey colorway.