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“ Matthias Schoenaerts photographed by John Balsom for American Esquire's Big Black Book Spring / Summer 2016. @__Zenith______ @John_Balsom @Esquire…”

elliott nimmo | Chic Management | reference for Armand de Montbelle | delicate beauty | dreamy eyes

I lightly traced the scar on his shoulder. "Who did this to you?" He clenched his jaw. "Someone I should have killed a long time ago."

The lighting being dark really emphasis the old age and make the buildings seem emphasized

After an accident that eventually takes the life of her mother, Billie Jo is in constant pain from the burns that have been inflicted onto her hands. She can't play the piano anymore or climb trees without being in excruciating pain. Her father can't even look at her hands because they remind him of what happened to Mrs. Kelby. Billie Jo must work through the pain to do what makes her and everyone around her happy, and that is to play. She will always live with the scars.

Roaka's black hair clashed with his icy blue eyes. But a wild feeling danced around him. Like a force of rebellion that seemed to course in his veins. (I imagined him with a little longer hair.

"I'm Zachary, a 3 from Hansport. I work at my family's veterinary clinic, so I know a lot about animals. I have one little brother and one little sister. My sister, Kit, wants me to win, but I on the other hand...well if I hate the princess I will attempt to go out with a BANG. Yet if I like her...I will attempt to get her to like me. Anyway a few things about me include; I love books, animals, and colors. I know what you're thinking, you wonder how I love colors. Here is the thing without…

Emil Andersson ©Carlos Montilla. TENMAG Magazine fashion editorial March 2014

he would make a beauitful woman...but, he's a Fine Young Man...