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Waya winning the 1979 Beldame Stakes (photo: Bob Coglianese)

Waya winning the 1979 Beldame Stakes (photo: Bob Coglianese)

1970s electric car — ESB/Exide Battery Sundancer.

EBS “Sundancer” experimental electric car recharging in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1973

At Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in September 1963, Breedlove became the first driver to exceed 400 mph (640 km/h), when he set the record at 407.447 miles per hour (655.722 km/h). He was also the first driver to reach 500 mph (800 km/h), and 600 mph (970 km/h),

Goldenrod is an American streamliner car which held the wheel-driven land speed record from 1965 to It was owned by Bob and Bill Summers, of Ontario, California. It is currently being restored to it's former glory. Salt is HARD on car bodies.

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The first African American professional basketball team "The Renaissance" organized in Harlem. They were known to their many fans and admirers as "The Rens" and they've been called "the greatest basketball team you never heard of.

After winning 10 straight races by a combined 28 lengths, she broke down in the Santa Margarita Invitational, carrying 130# in the slop during which she had multiple unfortunate incidents. She struggled to recover from her injuries for months, only to finally get put down. A forgotten hero of the sport...

Dark Mirage as photographed by Bob Coglianese. Photo and copyright, Bob Coglianese.

Maj General Matthew B. Ridgway (CG XVIIIth AB Corps) and Maj General James M. Gavin (CG 82d AB Div) during the Battle of the Bulge, January 1945

Matt Ridgeway , comandante del Airbone Corps y Jim Gavim , general Airbone


some behind the scenes snippets from the upcoming Jimmy Scott Album and eponymous documentary „I Go Back Home“ // This is Jimmy Scotts ve.