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Leaning Kiipsaare Lighthouse Watches Silently Over the Baltic

Kiipsaare Lighthouse, Harilaid Peninsula of Saaremaa Island, Estonia - stood 25 meters inland when it was built in 1933 but coastal erosion and rising sea levels put it offshore during high tide and caused it to lean seaward. It stands alone and abandoned as it continues to watch over the Baltic Sea.

Kõpu Lighthouse, Estonia.One of the oldest lighthouses in the world, having been in continuous use since its completion in 1531.This 118-foot tall lighthouse was built solely of stone,with the body having no mortar. Before the lighthouse had an electric light, the fire lit at its top consumed over 6 cords of wood per day, in the 180-day navigation period,

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10 of the world's most eccentric lighthouses

Kopu Lighthouse: This gorgeous structure on the island of Hiiumaa, Estonia, has been in use since it was completed in 1531 — making it one of the oldest active lighthouses in the world.