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From Winslow… Frank Thompson, Charlie, Moore, T. J. Pomroy. 1885

Arizona Wanted Posters 1880s - Google Search

from Oral Tradition Wiki

List and maps of Native American tribes

List and maps of Native American tribes - Oral Tradition Wiki

Sam Doss, a cattleman living in Trinidad, Colorado committed suicide. Article from the Arizona Republic dated 7 Jul 1892.

Release of Chattel Mortgage from C B Thompson. 23 Aug 1894. Article from St John's Arizona.

from Oral Tradition Wiki

List and maps of Native American tribes

There are over 100 tribes and areas of Native American peoples. Each group has their own traditions and stories. (Thompson 1929) (Bright 1978) (Erdoes and Ortiz 1998) A sample of these tribes include: Abanaki, Arapaho, Arikara (Coyote Races Buffalo), Arizona Tewa, Assiniboin, Athapascan, Bella Coola, Biloxi, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Chilcotin, Choctaw, Cocopa, Columbian Salish, Comanche, Cree, Crow, Eastern Pomo, Eskimo, Gros Ventre, Haida, Hidatsu (Coyote Races Buffalo), Hopi, Hupa...

Charley Thompson driving cattle to Wyoming. Article from the St Johns Herald dated 7 Apr 1892. Arizona

Charley Thompson~ Cattle round-up~ Wabash & G-bar Cattle Co. Nebraska. Article from the St. Johns Herald date 3 Dec 1891.

Morgan Thompson, James Wagner, Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona 1916.

George Thompson killed attempting to cross train track in the Panhandle.