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1/6/2011 Update: This Datsun has been picked up by a dealer who has cleaned it up and taken much better photographs. It is now offered here on Craigslist in Westminster, Colorado for $6999 OBO. It still seems like a ton of car for the money, though we sure wish we had pulled the trigger in August! (

How Much Automotive History Can You Learn From One Page Of A Bond Novel?

On 4 February 1927 Campbell set the land speed record at Pendine Sands, covering the Flying Kilometre (in an average of two runs) at mph km/h) and the Flying Mile in mph km/h), in the Napier-Campbell Blue Bird.

442 Bluebird. (1961) Donald Campbell set a new World Land Speed Record of 403,10 mph (648.783 kph) in this car on the 17th July 1964 Bluebird cost £ 1 million to build and was powered by a Bristol-Siddeley Proteus 4,100 bhp gas turbine engine. The tail fin was a later addition, following a crash at Bonneville, Utah in 1960. Lake Eyre, South Australia was then chosen because it was a desolate,flat, salt plain. However rain became one of a series of delays that dragged the record attempt on

Donald Campbell’s Bluebird Land Speed Record Car can be seen at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, Hampshire