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Tip: Never walk in without an update or background information! Look like you know how to do your job lol

It's just not the same! Seen this too many times at work!

I think it's hilarious when my patients tell me this and I see tattoos. You hate needles? Because with a tattoo you get poked thousands of times, I'm only gonna do it once. LOL the more tattoos, the harder they fall

Hell Yeah! Bring it in!

But then you look at the clock and for some reason they are twenty minutes early and sit in the back room past the end of your shift but you can't leave the floor unattended.

I know a few teachers who feel this way too.

Any nurse working this Christmas will need extra gifts and treats! They'll be working Christmas and it's a full moon!

Watch out for Joint Commission! Get your shoe covers on in the OR!!!

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband cuz they rapin errybody out here - Antoine Dodson

Can't stop the GODDAMN RINGING!

Nurses find humor everywhere in the workplace. Here are 100 nurse memes that will brighten up your day!