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#Astronomy: Large clouds of #hydrogen and #helium gas can be turned into stars by the force of gravity under the right conditions. As a cloud of hydrogen and helium gas contracts under the force of its own gravity, the pressure and temperature at it center rises. This is because as you force more hydrogen atoms into a smaller and smaller space they bump into each other more frequently, and with more kinetic energy. This translates as an increase in temperature in the gas cloud. Hydrogen…

Olha só +1 presente que o #Tadeu #Galiza deu para #SpaceTrip4Us ilustrar a matérial do ArduSat

100 print infographics that summarize 2014 - part 1

100 print infographics that summarize 2015 – part 1 | Visualoop | Orbital buzz | Charles Apple | Orange County Register

Best of 2016: Top 17 Artists Who Have Revitalized Embroidery

It's been a great year for embroidery.

Space Trip Infographics #spacetrip4us