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hahahh.. you know my only 'mood' dats when m in the mood :)

Come together? Who is he kidding? I can only assume that he means" right thinking" WASP supporters are the only ones he wants to bring together. He says a lot of things but his actions speak louder than anything he can say. We must resist this madness, peacefully and within the rule of law, using the tools and avenues built into the American system of government.

Oh yes, words don't work on me anymore...NOPE...only your actions, as they speak louder than any word that comes out of the mouth...remember that

When these Creeps finally get what they want and start cutting Medicare Benefits I've worked my entire life for.....I want EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO VOTED FOR THESE BASTARDS TO HAVE THEIRS TAKEN AWAY FIRST!!! It's only fair!!

I keep telling myself it's really only 1/4 of the country since half of our "citizens" didn't even bother to vote.