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Geez I don't know which board to put this in, I have three that fit the bill. General geek board it is then.

Love this- less the tears in the jeans. I like my jeans pristine!

Seems about the right length #readinghumor

27 Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Laugh At Least Once, I Promise

Or as I like to call it AAAHHHAAAAHHHH Swat Swat Swat, or Aaaaahhhhhaaaa A bees in here! lol

Making Wooden Handbag - Woodworking Plans and Projects |

I like how Sherlock can't believe Mycroft wouldn't be good with babies. Do these 2 not know each other?

OMG the new thing really did suck all the colour out of it.<But I like it more because the drawings are better and her hair is more realistic colored (not that that matters seeing as no one else's is)

I think this is a typo but 'Dumbledork' couldn't be more true

steven universe

Steven Universe, Pearl and Agetet