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Final steps of the spire at 1 World Trade Center being erected (May 10, 2013)

this is the image i have chosen for my 9/11 assignment. i have chosen this image because it shows the twin towers before they were struck down. Lady liberty looks like she is watching over the towers and all of new york. This imagery can be seen as a mother (the statue of liberty) mourning her loss. I thought that this picture was very interesting and can be seen in many different ways.

We will always remember our heroes

Plane being flown into tower by terrorists

Tower collapsing

At ground zero, a lone police officer sat amid the rubble during a ceremony marking the one year anniversary of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2002

Never Forget, 9-11-01... Twin towers and statue of liberty...gone but never forgotten...The World Trade Center, NYC..I never got to visit them, but a book about a little girl who ate at Windows on the World restaurant helped urge on a lifelong fascination with and love for New York City.

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