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With a Six Sigma Green or Black Certification listed on your resume, you have an edge over other applicants competing for various roles you have got your sight on.

I Am Right About 95% Of The Time Bell Curve Humor Print (I may have to buy this shirt)

Advance Innovation Group provide six sigma green belt certifications and PMP training in Noida. lean six sigma has become more popular that six sigma certifications, and if you are interested, rush to the nearest centre of AIG and get yourself enrolled today, just for a better tomorrow!

Getting Over Fear On The Way To Becoming an Entrepreneur

The Six Sigma Way book will help you develop an approach customized for your company's needs and the challenges of the twenty-first century business environment.

Advanced Innovation Group provide Six Sigma Project for Reducing Breakage Percentage by Advance Innovation Group | via slideshare

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Experience the Positive Changes after Lean Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma Training -

Advance Innovation Group is very special in regard of knowledge and concept clarity of six sigma. Advance Innovation Group trainers makes the student technically and conceptually so sound that they can handle the challenges in the field of six sigma and others that they(students) can deal with those successfully and easily.