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Board Game Project (Instead of a test, try this!)

Tired of marking tests? Do your students need a break? If you are looking for an alternative test-taking assessment, check out this project!

The Westing Game Detective Notebook & Final Project

Final Blends Clip Cards

These cards are a terrific Hands-On Activity your kiddos will love! Final Blends Clip Cards allow learners to practice final consonant blends. On each card is a picture and three (or four) blend choices. Learners say the picture name and clip a clothespin to the correct corresponding blend choice. This set of 18 cards provides practice for ft, mp, sk, and st.

NGSS Science Task Cards: Force & Motion (32 Cards) 3rd Grade

Finally, Task Cards specifically for the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards)! *16 multiple choice *16 writing/drawing (great to get students thinking outside the box) 3rd Grade NGSS Task Cards - SCIENCE: Force & Motion (32 Cards)

Character Traits and Feelings - Emoji Edition

Students need to identify and understand traits and feelings of characters in stories with these Emoji activities. Students will identify character traits/feelings and use text evidence to support their choices. Vocabulary cards, picture cards, writing activities, graphic organizers and synonym posters are all included so the students can easily understand character traits and feelings.

Theme Task Cards

Help your students to finally "get" theme with these awesome task cards. The differentiated student answer sheet will help you to reach all learners and the challenge cards are great for extending the learning!

A Long Walk To Water Novel Study Bundle

Novel Study Bundle for A Long Walk to Water. Includes: visually engaging worksheets for each chapter, ten multiple choice questions per chapter, smart board quiz game, final 50 question multiple choice test, and end of book student choice board.