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Bosworth is an adoptable Black Labrador Retriever Dog in Chicago, IL. Bosworth makes our hearts melt every time we're with him. He is such a kind, loving and intelligent dog who is such a pleasure to ...

#throwbackthursday to when we were at the resort. Hooman say tis time round they're takin a daytrip wifout us so its our duty to guard the house & watch over those aging smelly yorkies fr 5am tomorrow. Man tats tough!

❤️MY LUCKY GIRL❤️I feel you, see you, & hear you all the time baby girl❤️MISS YOU SWEETIE❤️

We’re not saying Huskies are the best dog. We’re just providing a bunch of cute and funny data and letting you decide. [via ebaumsworld]

Gray Wolves, Show of Dominance Among Pack, Montana

The wolf on the bottom must be the big bro, he wants his little bro OFF AND AWAY FROM HIM!!! Lol!!!