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A little break from our daily routine is always good and very beneficial ! I get so caught up with my work my goals my long distance relationship ( which is going amazing but it's still very stressful ...) we all need to take a second and be selfish !!! Breathe the air that Mother Earth gives us each and every day learn to love yourself daily be connected to what is around you Life is beautiful and you are allowed to be happy #begreatfuleveryday . . . Tricks that I use to have a better…

Across most long and short race distances, women now outnumber men, thanks partly to a rise fueled by social and charity groups.

My Thankful Thursday list... thankful for a successful long-distance bike ride, for small successes on YouTube, for work done on my Pinterest boards, and for my decision to go look for a job outside my home. http://www.bubblews.com/news/8722721-lots-to-be-thankful-for-this-thursday - Photo credit: Pixabay.

CONSTELLATION & CO. (Seattle, WA) "You Are Home To Me" Print $30.00 This sweet message is screen printed by hand on a reclaimed map (mostly from vintage Rand McNally atlases). Deliver to your long distance sweetheart or hang in your home as a love note to visitors! Measures 8 X 10 inches.

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