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We were thrilled to have Marty Weintraub of @aimclear come to @Dragonsearch in September of 2012 to tell us all about Psychographic targeting. Psychographics Deconstructed: What We Look Like to Facebook Marketers | SEOmoz


Yes, That Is Really What We Looked Like

You won't believe what we looked like in the 1970s. Really.


-- What We Look Like On The Internet Isn't The Whole Story --

What we look like on the inside is much more important than what we look like on the outside.

the politics in my hair - Ancient African Hairstyles: What we looked like before

🚫 F a fake thigh gap where your real thighs at❓💯 I may have #MermaidThighs but guess what?...we are ALL mermaids no matter what we look like as long as we feel like it. Wanted to show you all how easy we can be deceived by poses and angles - let alone retouching. Our value does not lie in our physical appearance we are so much more than that. No matter what your body or thighs look like you are a damn goddess mermaid boss 🦄. This body is our home let's respect it and love it the way it…

Next time you bite into a slice of watermelon or a cob of corn, consider this: these familiar fruits and veggies didn't always look and taste this way.

Where are you located? New York City What kind of work do you create? J&B: Our play What We Look Like which is the story of Adam and Jesse. Adam a conventionally handsome Graphic Designer meets Jesse a witty "chubby" librarian and they have an immediate connection. As their relationship develops and they begin to learn more about each other Adam begins to feel pressure from his friends and colleagues for dating someone who's essentially "not in his league." [ 1793 more words. ]…