The number one reason that people crave sweets is that their insulin is high, and when it starts to fall we want the sugar to spike it back up again. It’s a vicious cycle, that leads to feeling tired, and fatigued. Here are some really good tips that will get you back on track to being healthy and feeling energetic again. #weightloss #beforeandafter #skinnyfiberworks #inspiration #motivational #recipes #f4s

Mountain Dew Mountain Dew is one of the most damaging drinks to the body in my opinion. Everything from high sugar levels to caffeine to preservatives and brominated vegetable oil make it a health ...

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REMINDER: For those of you taking Skinny Fiber and ON MEDICATIONS....Please remember to take your medication at least a HOUR BEFORE you take your SKINNY FIBER...the reason why, is so that the SKINNY FIBER does NOT ABSORB your medications.....Very Important to remember this:) #weightloss #beforeandafter #skinnyfiberworks #inspiration #motivational #recipes #f4s

Congrats to Cindie...She looks fabulous...You go girl!! ...SIZE 13 BABY!!! It's awesome to finally get into my dream pants, I bought them 2 years ago and hung them in my closet vowing to get into them...and I DID!! Thanks to SF and Hiburn8... I'm so excited YIPEE!!! I didn't exercise at all I've lost about 50 lbs all together and apparently a ton of inches... Guaranteed you will LOVE it! Current SPECIALS here @

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