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The Illegitimate Pope: Election of Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis was contaminated by lobbying in violation of papal laws -

El atentado a Evo probó también que los discursos antiimperialistas de América Latina responden a 200 años de luchas emancipadora


Management Skills Are Stupid. Here’s What Works.

Las habilidades para administrar el tiempo son inútiles, aquí está lo que realmente funciona

Indica vs. Sativa: Understanding The Differences. The values of medical cannabis are starting to be acknowledged. Now it's time for people to understand the differences between hemp and marijuana and how hemp can help with a wealth of renewable products. Could care less about pot/weed, but am very interested in the uses of low/non-THC hemp!!!

12-25-2016 "The war on medical marijuana is over." Congress quietly ended it's years long war on medical marijuana. Too bad it happened on the same day my brother-in-law died of cancer. How many people had to die because congress has been so opposed to this wonder-drug? And why? In the name of protecting profits for huge corporations. Vote Bernie Sanders in 2016

The head of Maine's medical marijuana program announced at a public meeting that he has been terminated from his position, according to two people who attended the meeting. John Thiele, who worked in the Department of Health and Human Services' Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services, broke the news Friday at a Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine event, in advance of the group's Home Grown Maine exposition Saturday in Portland. "This is not good news for Maine's medical marijuana…