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How should we respond when others hold to different convictions then ours. The answer is simple: Love, pray and let the Holy Spirit do the work.

The Christmas season should be joyous, Christ-focused and peaceful, right? For many of us it is a far cry from the ideal as portrayed on the made-for-TV movies. In this session, Zan Tyler shares her heart, making the holiday easy on yourself and special for the children. It is all about creating those precious memories and working in service-type activities that bring a smile to those in need, and bless us in return.

Ahh Fall! What a great time for roadschooling! From leaf portraits to finger print fall trees. From delicious fall treats to hearty fall recipes. In this episode, the Roadschool Moms talk all things fall and share their favorite autumn adventures.

Free homeschool podcast about knowing when to quit. Are you homeschooling for the short term? Committing to a brief season of educating your children at home? This episode, encouraged by an email we received from a Homeschooling in Real Life listener, is just for you.

What happens when you are forced to spend time during the holidays with a tricky family situation. On this episode, we focus on what to do when your family does not accept your choices or you struggle with the choices they have made for themselves.

2016 Presidential Election – the eve of Super Tuesday – and you might be feeling some dismay. Only four small states into the primary season, and the field which started with 23 serious candidates has already narrowed to 7. Maybe you look at the choices left and wonder, is it even worth bothering? Am I just choosing the lesser of bad alternatives? Can you trust any of them? This episode, we talk about the importance of making a choice even if the best candidate suspended already!

Let’s get going and plan ahead with baking. So, what is your menu? When will you begin? Will you prepare side dishes ahead? Listen to this audio as Felice shares her baking tips with you!

What the Word of God Can Teach Us About Marriage

These are the words I journaled as I reflected on Day 1 in the book Coffee Talk with Jesus by Barbie Swihart. Do you ever wish you could sit across a table from your Creator and have a conversation with Him over coffee?