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Y'all is a given...cattywampus, folks, clodhopper, conniption, fuss, persnickety...I say a lot of these.

Proper Southern English - too true & too funny. it's only missing: "might could, Mash the button, & darlin" If you know what these mean you're probably from the South or know someone who is!

They laugh.. Bet they would be the first ones in there when a storm comes!!

A root cellar out of old school bus. fully buried it would be a great storm shelter. I randomly like this idea.

Redneck Humor (not trying to make fun of anyone that is country but it is sorta true)

This redneck water heater is something I could picture in a gas station or maybe at a rest stop along the highway. It is inventive, ingenious and kooky.

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