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Cherry Ground Cossack Pineapple D47101A (Yellow) 25 Organic Seeds by David's Garden Seeds David's Garden Seeds

Fruit of the Spirit - Bible Study (Fruit of the Spirit Series) by L. Velez,

Alphabet Food Tray,Here is what we had: A=Apple Juice, B=Broccoli, C= Carrots, D=Dip, E=Egg (hard boiled), F=Fruit-by-the-Foot, G=Graham Crackers, H=Hershey's, I=Ice, J=Jerky, K=Kisses, L=Legos, M=Mini Marshmallows, N=Nuts, O=Olives, P=Peaches, Q=Quesadilla, R=Raisins, S=Snap Peas, T=Tomatoes, U=Unleavened Bread, V=Vanilla Pudding, W=Whoppers, X,Y, Z=XYZ Crackers!

Watermelon Amish Moon and Stars D55103 (Red) 10 Organic Seeds by David's Garden Seeds David's Garden Seeds

A.Mangifera indica,B.Canavallia maritima,C.Dalbergia monetaria,D.Spondias mombin,E.Hymenaea courbaril,F.Terminalia catappa,G.Calophyllum inophyllum, H.Hippomane mancinella,I.Thespesia populnea,J.Cassine xylocarpa, K.Annona squamosa,L.Hura crepitans,M.Manicaria saccifera,N.Mammea americana,O.Quercus,P.Sacoglottis amazonica,Q.Crinum asiaticum,R.Ipomoea pes-caprae,S.Entada gigas,T.Sterculia,U.Rhizophora mangle,V.Mucuna urens,W.Caesalpinia bonduc,X.Caesalpinia ciliata,Y.Andira inermis,Z.Cocos,

W A T E R M E L O N, A V O C A D O, A N D J A L A P E N O S A L A D - Diced Watermelon - 1/2 red onion sliced very thinly - 1 avocado diced - 2-3 jalapenos thinly sliced - crumbled feta - Mint - Olive oil -Juice of one lime

Cardoon Porto Spineless D1749A (Green) 25 Open Pollinated Seeds by David's Garden Seeds David's Garden Seeds