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Learning is about the journey, not the destination... does online learning deprive students of the full college experience and scope of learning?

INOGRAPHIC: THE 7 STYLES OF LEARNING | Visual (Spatial), Aural (Auditory-Musical), Verbal (Linguistic), Solitary (Interpersonal), Social (Interpersonal), Logical (Mathematical), Physical (Kinesthetic)

Learning together - I had a student a few years back who told me the best gift he ever received was accepting Jesus in his heart. All I can say is.... he gets it! He taught me more that year that I could have ever taught him.

How to multiply

AFTER teaching students multiplication, this would be a good trick to teach them in order for them to check their answers. I would not want this to be the way that I taught them, but it could serve as more of an aid.

Annoyed When People Talk About White Male Privilege Or Whatever? Think They're Trying To Guilt You?

PRIVILEGE can be defined as the unearned access to social POWER based upon membership in a dominant social group.  In my opinion, talking about social POWER is like talking about AIR. We all know i…

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