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Silhouette of everything

It's been a couple of years since a young boy in our town lost his life because another young man made the tragic choice to get behind the wheel of his car and drive drunk. Two families' lives sha...

Deuteronomy 31:8 this picture reminds me so much of our weather right now that has been very challenging for me to stay positive about, frozen car doors, dead batteries, falls on the ice, scary driving, broken furnace, high gas bills and the Lord has not left me or forsaken me!! He is my strength!

Isaiah 14:27~ "For the Lord Almighty has purposed, and who can thwart him? His hand is stretched out, and who can turn it back?"

A man driving his pickup truck on a country track saw a woman carrying a heavy load, so he stopped and offered her a lift. The woman expressed her gratitude and climbed into the back of the truck. …

Thwip, thwap. Thwip, thwap. The windshield wipers slamming back and forth trying to keep up with the pelting rain only added to my irritation as I adjusted to driving the used car I had just purch...

what does getting to drive your first car and First John have in common??? I'll found that out this week and it made me want to go back and read and reread 1 John all over again!! I will never read his First Epistle the same way again, but with a whole new appreciation and I pray you will too!!

That last week, somehow I knew that the end of September would see the end of everything. I listened to this song over and over again while I was in the car driving to see you, and sit by your bedside.

"Honk if you love Jesus, text while driving if you want to meet him" bumper sticker. All the best Christian quotes and sayings. Design by Diligent Heart.

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